The Free-Time Project

Lemay_imageArtist Kate Lemay’s beautiful jewel-like paintings are adorning the gallery wall through the end of the year in this ambitious exhibit that is only a small fraction of the work in this series, The Free-Time Project. What began as an exploration of what she could do to keep practicing art-making with two small children and a full time job has become a spiritual and artistic exploration that’s taking on a life of its own. Kate’s shown parts of the show in Los Angeles California, is showing here in Laconia now, and has long-range plans for the series which include a full exhibit of all 3780 paintings internationally in a museum show. You can watch a time-lapse video of her process here, or better yet, come in and see the 147 pieces in person. Kate will be here on Sunday the 8th of December from noon to 4pm to visit with people and talk about her work, and Heather Cone will be here playing her crystal bowls – a relaxing alternative to holiday shopping madness.

But the shop will be open, and full of fun gift ideas for even your most difficult giftee – come in and browse, ask for help, sit for a moment…The Studio is a little out of the way, but a lot out of the ordinary!

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